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Our firm really only does one thing. We practice personal injury and wrongful death law (with rare exceptions).

Granted, we do it in two states—Washington and Oregon. Granted, there are many different types or contexts in which injuries or death can occur. So, our practice is diverse and complex in some ways.

But, with respect to the greater legal field in our practice we do have a singular focus. That focus allows us to spend all of our time working and to dedicate all of our professional efforts on being the best we can possibly be at what we do. We are confident that our clients benefit from our singular focus and the expertise it allows us to develop over time.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “Outliers”, famously explains his idea termed the “10,000-Hour Rule”, which he considers the key to success in any field. He says, essentially, that the key to success is a matter of practicing a specific endeavor over a span of time for 10,000 hours.

The average is that there are 261 workdays or so in a given year, so about 2,088 hours a year (assuming 8-hour days) is what our attorneys and staff spend on our singular focus.

We're not necessarily subscribers of Gladwell's theory. We're not suggesting any of us are finished products by any stretch of the imagination. One never stops encountering unique issues and learning in our business. Not all of our attorneys nor staff have even hit 10,000 hours, necessarily (although many have). But we're better situated to than many other law firms to do so.

It's extremely rare, particularly in Southwest Washington, to find a multiple attorney firm that solely focuses on personal injury and wrongful death law. Particularly one that has been around as long as our firm has and one that has a dual-state practice focus. As we've mentioned, our firm was founded by Craig Schauermann and Bill Thayer and their focus has been largely personal injury and wrongful death law since the firm's inception in 1986 (Bill Thayer did have a successful criminal defense practice for some time before restricting his practice focus).

What is more typical in multiple attorney firms is that one or two attorneys each practice very different areas of law as part of a greater whole, or often times, too, lawyers are simply general practitioners and they take on different types of cases depending on what comes through the door at a given time. Unfortunately, some attorneys that have a practice with a sole focus on a different area of law may just dabble in doing personal injury or wrongful death law on some level, seeing it as a supplemental source of income but not necessarily steeping themselves in the particular and peculiar issues that can come up in these types of cases. This can leave an injured person or affected claimant with less effective assistance than they deserve under the circumstances.

At any rate, potential clients and clients of our firm know who and what they're getting with respect to our focus, experience, and longevity. Our firm has been a staple in the local legal and greater community for more than 30 years and our focus is as intense as ever.

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Bradley Thayer

Brad Thayer is a partner at the Schauermann Thayer firm. Brad is licensed in both Oregon and Washington. He has been practicing law since 2015. He was presented the 2018 Rising Star Award by the Clark County Bar Association. Brad's practice focuses on automobile collision, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian injury, dog bite, and myriad other types of injury and insurance cases. During his free time, Brad enjoys following the Portland Trail Blazers, playing basketball, going to concerts, and playing the drums. He especially enjoys hiking in the Columbia River Gorge and exploring other Northwest wonders.


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