Avoid This Sunscreen Chemical If Possible

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Next time you're looking for sunscreen either at the store, or in your cupboard at home, you might want to check to make sure that the chemical "avobenzone" isn't in the sunscreen.

According to the article, "Here's one chemical to avoid when shopping for sunscreen," written by Andy Marso from the Kansas City Star, and published in the Columbian newspaper on July 5, 2017, new research suggests that when the chemical avobenzone is exposed to light and chlorine, it can produce some heavily harmful carcinogens that may increase your risk of cancer.

Instead, find and use lotion sunscreens that have zinc or titanium in them.

But Mr. Marso's article suggests, if your choice is to go without sunscreen at all, versus applying a sunscreen with avobenzone in it, you should still use the less-than-ideal sunscreen because some protection is better than none.

While the research regarding avobenzene is still just preliminary, the research is definitive as to the link between unprotected sun exposure and skin-cancer.

So, have a good summer, but wear sun protection and be safe!

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