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When an injured person is trying to get their medical bills paid in the wake of a hit and run incident without the assistance of an attorney, achieving any recovery can be complicated significantly by the fact that the person who caused the incident was never identified.  The injured person might have been hit while driving in a car, riding on a bike, or walking as a pedestrian.  Just because the person at fault was not identified does not necessarily mean that the injured person has no recourse.  

If you or someone you know has been hurt by a hit and run driver it is critical that you do the following:

  • Report the incident to the police within 72 hours;
  • Identify any witnesses to the incident and secure their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and provide that information to the police; and,
  • Photograph the scene of the incident and any property damage caused in the incident; and,
  • Notify your insurance carrier as soon as possible of the fact that you have been in an accident and have them open up a claim.  Talk to them about both Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverages.  Complete any application or form they may need to have you fill out to open up either or both claims (PIP and/or UM). 

Many people do not know that they are entitled to uninsured motorist coverage under their own automobile policy even when they are pedestrians, cyclists, or even passengers.  Do not overlook this valuable coverage when you are injured by a hit and run driver or when the other person's insurance is not enough to fully compensate you.  Even where the person injured in a hit and run incident is a member of your household, your uninsured motorist insurance policy will also likely cover them.  

The Schauermann Thayer firm is proud of the work its attorneys have done for victims of hit-and-run drivers.  We are experienced and recognize the need to identify and recover for our clients all of the insurance benefits that might be applicable.  We are experienced as well at seeking reduction or elimination, whenever possible, of the health care insurance “subrogation” liens that are created by an injury.  We speak “insurance”.  We know what to do and when to do it.

Uncertain About How Your Auto Insurance Works After a Hit and Run?

There is often uncertainty about what to do if a hit-and-run driver has inadequate insurance or no insurance.  Hit and run victims may be unsure about who they should and should not talk to about the incident.  If you have been injured in a hit and run and need help to make sense of it all, please contact us for a free consultation, in person or over the phone.  In addition to speaking with one of our attorneys, you can also read this consumer's guide published (PDF) by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner.


Resourceful Car Accident Attorneys Who Go the Distance for Our Clients

We are a firm made up of determined lawyers who have worked hard over many years to obtain many favorable insurance settlements, arbitration awards, and trial verdicts for hit and run victims.  Unlike less established firms, we have the resources to be able to advance investigation costs when necessary, and we will invest the time required to handle your hit and run case properly.

We are experienced at handling situations such as:

  • Insurance companies offering far less than your case justifies;
  • Hit and run incidents involving catastrophic injury, which may have lifelong implications and costs; and,
  • Recovery of money for your repaired vehicle diminished value after a wreck.

If you are uncertain if you need an attorney, click here for a list of considerations to help you decide whether you might need one or not.  If you do want to chat with an attorney today, please contact us.

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