How Can Something So Small Be So Dangerous?

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According to City of Vancouver Fire Department Battalion Chief John Bulder, a car traveling 60 mph, the speed limit on many of our highways, travels 88 feet in one second.

Putting it into perspective, that's a little over half a football field in length.

Now think about this:

The average time it takes to check your phone while driving is 5 seconds, according to The National Highway Safety Administration. If you were checking your phone on the highway driving with the speed of traffic, you would travel 440 feet, or nearly one and a half football fields in length, in those 5 seconds.

We're all well aware that a lot can happen on the road in even a split second.

So before you consider checking your phone even for just a second or two while driving, consider the risks.

How Could Something So Small Be So Dangerous?
How Far Am I Traveling in One Second at This Certain Speed?

Traveling 25 mph, in one second I travel 29.33 feet

Traveling 35 mph, in one second I travel 51.33 feet

Traveling 50 mph, in one second I travel 73.33 feet

Traveling 60 mph, in one second I travel 88 feet

Traveling 70 mph, in one second I travel 102.67 feet

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