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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Injured Persons in the Greater Vancouver & Portland Area

If you were hurt because another person, a business, or a government entity, was careless, it may benefit you to talk with one of our attorneys.

We offer free initial consultations and typically work under a “contingency fee” agreement, meaning you do not have to pay us until we obtain a settlement or judgment on your behalf.

Proven Personal Injury Lawyers in Southwest Washington, Vancouver, and Portland.

If there is one trait — beyond caring deeply about people and families — that unites our highly collaborative legal team, it is belief in accountability. Our accomplished personal injury attorneys hold corporations, individuals, and government entities responsible for their actions and insurance companies responsible for their commitments. This is our core mission at Schauermann Thayer Jacobs Staples & Edwards PS.

We help people in the Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, areas who have been injured — or lost family members — in a wide range of accidents caused by others carelessness or negligence. Our legal team also helps those embroiled in difficult insurance claim disputes over substantial property damage due to storms, fires, or other calamities.

Our attorneys have several decades of focused experience handling personal injury and wrongful death actions — and a wealth of relevant knowledge that can make a difference for our clients. We understand that strength in negotiations comes from fully understanding the case and being prepared to go to trial.

Our attorneys' efforts as negotiators and skillful trial lawyers, combined with the work of an outstanding staff and network of experts, have resulted in many favorable settlements and verdicts for people in need. Our experience includes:

  • Car accidents of all types, ranging from fatal head-on collisions and pedestrian accidents to sideswipes and rear-end accidents resulting in injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents;
  • Commercial trucking accidents — including those requiring extensive investigation and, where necessary, litigation in state and federal court;
  • Aviation and marine accidents — an aircraft accident, or boating accident or other catastrophe on the water may require highly specific knowledge of the relevant laws and industries;
  • Accidents and deaths resulting from the use of dangerous or defective products of various types;
  • Construction accidents, including falls from heights, and those caused by the negligence of contractors and subcontractors; and,
  • Dog bites and other animal-related injuries.

Please contact us today and request a free initial consultation. If you or a loved one has been injured, or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you promptly. We are prepared to help.  

Experienced Attorneys

The attorneys at Schauermann Thayer handle personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance actions for clients throughout the Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon area.


Schauermann Thayer is committed to answering your questions and addressing your concerns about potential personal injury and wrongful death cases in Washington and Oregon.

We offer free consultations and we’ll gladly discuss your circumstances with you at your convenience.