Boating Accidents In Washington & Oregon

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Experienced Attorneys Representing Those Injured in Boating Accidents in Washington & Oregon

Accidents occurring on our waterways can be just as injurious and complex as those that occur on the highways.

Our personal injury attorneys are equipped to represent you and your family's interests after a boating accident. Our attorneys also have experience handling accidents involving injury caused by other watercraft such as jet skis or Wave Runners.

Our experience in complex accident and insurance litigation has been instrumental in obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts for victims in these accidents and we want to help you.


Experience Proving Liability and Damages in Boating Accidents

The attorneys in our firm understand that there are complexities associated with:

  • Maritime law — including federal and state rules governing navigable waterways;
  • What constitutes actionable negligence in a setting where the right of way might be less than clear;
  • Investigation of boating and jet ski collisions and other accidents, which often require recovery teams and specialized maritime knowledge and understanding;
  • Developing evidence of excessive speed or other types of recklessness; and,
  • Issues of proper operator training, caution, and experience on the water often play into boating and watercraft personal injury cases.

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