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Often, dog bites do little more than break the skin and give the victim a minor scare. Some dog bites are however more serious. They cause scars and other physical and emotional injuries that can be permanent. Victims of unprovoked dog bites are, in many cases, entitled to compensation for their injuries. 

Our experienced attorneys have resolved numerous dog bite cases favorably for our clients. Getting advice promptly after an attack is important. Please contact us for a free consultation if you, your child, or another loved one has suffered an injury caused by a dog bite or other animal attack. Click here to find out more.

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Dog bites can be serious.  Dog bites can lead to medical bills and permanent scars, both physical and emotional. Obviously, the first thing to do if you or your child has been bitten is to get medical attention. You should also notify authorities, such as your local animal control agency, so the dog can be monitored and others can be protected. You may be able to recover compensation after an unprovoked dog bite. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have handled numerous dog bite cases, including several involving serious injuries to children. Please feel free to contact us for advice. There are numerous myths surrounding dog bites. Some of the facts are:

  • Pet owners or their homeowner's insurance carrier can be held financially liable for failing to control their animals. There is no “free first bite” in the state of Washington if you were legally on the property and did not provoke the animal attack.
  • The bite of any dog — not just pit bulls, Rottweilers, and other notorious breeds — can have serious consequences, including permanent scarring.
  • Sizeable settlements have been negotiated and verdicts awarded in many dog bite cases. Factors affecting the amount of and ability to collect on a bite injury include the seriousness of the injuries and whether the owner has premises liability insurance.

Prompt Advice Can Be Important After a Dog Bite. Call 360-695-4244.

At Schauermann Thayer we have the skills and resources to handle dog bite cases and other situations involving animals that cause personal injury or wrongful death. We can:

  • Thoroughly investigate all circumstances in order to establish liability
  • Research all applicable insurance coverage or other possible means of recovery
  • Work with medical professionals and other experts to show the total costs of your injuries — including any potential long-term emotional trauma
  • Handle insurance negotiations and help you with any problems involving your own health or disability insurance

Most dogs are great companions and protectors. Some, however, are also powerful, dangerous, or unpredictable. When they bite, the consequences can be serious. For a free consultation and legal representation you can trust, please feel free to contact our Vancouver, Washington, law office.

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