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Insurance companies employ professional claims adjusters who are trained to protect the company bottom line. If you have been the victim of a theft, flood, fire, or other loss to your property, the insurance company may do everything possible to minimize its exposure to risk and to significantly limit your recovery. It may benefit you to talk with one of our attorneys before attempting to resolve your claim without professional assistance.

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After an accident around the home, most people do not expect to have their claims denied altogether, or to be “low balled” even though they have paid insurance premiums over the years regularly and on time. The same is true for people who incur fire loss, flood, or storm damage to their homes or other property. Unfair denial or an unreasonable delay of your claim may be insurance “bad faith” and our firm knows how to take action for you.

Our law firm is dedicated to holding insurance companies accountable for the coverage's they promise to honor. When you need help because your valid insurance claim of any type is being disputed, please contact us.

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The attorneys at Schauermann Thayer handle personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance actions for clients throughout the Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon area.

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