Trucking Accidents In Washington & Oregon

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Experienced Attorneys Representing Those Injured in Trucking Accidents in Washington & Oregon

Because of the sheer size of the vehicle, outcomes in trucking accidents can be catastrophic. There is an increased chance of a fatality or of complex and disabling injuries to the head, spine, and limbs.

There can be substantial costs involved in pursuing a case against a well-funded, aggressively defended trucking company. Knowledge of the applicable state and federal statutes governing commercial drivers is a must, as well as the ability to operate in federal court, where many truck accident cases end up.

Our firm has the experience and resources required to successfully pursue a case against the driver and trucking company that has caused injury to you or a loved one.

Our ability to recover fair compensation for truck accident victims—in both personal injury and wrongful death cases—is enhanced by our commitment to:

  • Working with doctors, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and others to establish the full impact and costs of our clients' injuries;
  • Thoroughly investigating accident causes and means of recovery, including tracking down responsible parties, as necessary; and,
  • Investing the time and advancing the costs necessary to deal with the full complexity of the case.

Obtaining justice and fair compensation in a truck collision case can require an established and well-resourced law firm. Our caring, collaborative team of attorneys and capable staff are prepared to handle all aspects of your case. For the counsel and representation you need, please contact us today.


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