Recovering Compensation from a Defective Product Lawsuit

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We depend on countless products to make our lives easier each day, from necessities like automobiles and refrigerators to creature comforts like hairdryers and cell phones. Each product we use serves a purpose to help us in our daily lives, but sometimes those products don't work as we would hope, and can be dangerous. If you've been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries. If you are located in Washington or Oregon, the attorneys at Schauermann Thayer can help you.

What is a Products Liability Lawsuit?

When a product fails to perform as it should, the best case scenario is that the product simply stops working. In some cases, however, a product can become extremely dangerous if it malfunctions--a ladder may break while you are cleaning your gutters six feet off the ground; a table saw's protective mechanism may fail, causing you to be injured by the blade; a clothes dryer might catch on fire while drying your laundry.

What is a Statute of Limitations, and why is it Important?

Statutes of limitations impose a time-frame within which a person must properly file and serve a lawsuit in order to pursue just compensation for the damages he or she suffered due to another person's or an entity's negligent or wrongful conduct. After a statute of limitations has run, succeeding with a lawsuit is impossible--except in some rare cases. Other time limitations requiring that an at-fault person or entity be given earlier notice of your potential claims may apply as well.

In Washington, victims injured by a defective product have three years to bring a claim for injuries caused by the product. Oregon has an even shorter statute of limitations--a person injured by a defective product only has two years to bring such a claim. While these time-frames may sound long, there is a large amount of work which must be put into a products liability lawsuit before it is filed; medical records must be obtained, potentially at-fault manufacturers and retailers must be identified, and evidence has to be gathered. Seeking an attorney's help soon after an injury is critical--don't wait to get help until it is too late. 

Need Help? Don't Wait--Contact Us Today

If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, you deserve compensation for the pain you suffered and the medical bills you incurred. The team of attorneys at Schauermann Thayer is a team that you can count on to competently represent you throughout.

Don't try to take on the large corporations potentially at-fault in your products liability action alone--there are often many complex nuances and traps for the unwary in these cases. Our attorneys are here to help. Please fill out an online case evaluation form or call (360) 695-4244 today.

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