What You Need to Know About Pedestrian Accidents in Washington and Oregon

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Whether quickly crossing the street to get to your office, walking your dog, or jogging down the sidewalk for exercise, people in the Washington and Oregon end up walking more than they might expect. While walking can be beneficial for your health, it can also be dangerous, especially in the vicinity of cars, trucks, or busses. Pedestrian accidents can cause devastating injuries and high medical bills.

Why are Pedestrian Accidents so Dangerous?

A driver may be speeding, driving while texting, or simply not paying attention, and get into an accident. No matter the scenario, any accident involving a car can produce serious injury. This is particularly true in pedestrian accidents, which often involve injuries that are catastrophic and life-threatening. When a driver or passenger is involved in a car versus car collision, they are surrounded by the protective shield of the vehicle's frame. This barrier might protect against a great deal of the risk from a crash impact, especially with safety features like airbags and seat belts.

In a pedestrian accident, however, there is no similar potential protection against impact--your body experiences the full force. Pedestrians face being injured by objects that are much larger, heavier, and quicker than themselves. A person walking across the street is no match for a speeding vehicle.

What Compensation is Available in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you were injured while walking across the street or on a sidewalk, you may be entitled to receive compensation to help alleviate some of the financial stress that your accident has caused to you and your family. A personal injury lawsuit can provide compensation for "damages", including:

  • Medical bills, such as hospital stays, surgical expenses, and/or rehabilitation;
  • Costs of prescription medication and medical necessities, such as a wheelchair or walker;
  • Lost income from missing work while recovering from your accident;
  • Lost earning potential if your accident has left you permanently disabled;
  • Physical pain and suffering which you experienced during and after your accident; and/or,
  • Emotional damages which you are suffering, along with potential accompanying depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

In some cases, and specifically in Oregon (not in Washington) an accident may have been caused by actions that were so egregious that a jury or judge may decide to punish the at-fault person or entity for their wrongful conduct and set an example for others. Under these circumstances, additional "punitive" damages could be awarded to punish the person who caused injuries.

Injured in a Pedestrian Accident? We're Here to Help

If you have been injured by a driver while walking, you deserve competent representation from a team of attorneys who have your interests in mind. Don't try to take on a personal injury lawsuit on your own--these lawsuits can quickly become complicated. Instead, entrust your case to one of Schauermann Thayer's personal injury lawyers having experience advocating for injured pedestrians like you. To speak with an attorney about your case, fill out an online case evaluation form or call (360) 695-4244 today.

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